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High stroke and heart disease link to living close to airports (The Age)

Aeroplane noise may increase the risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack according to Dr Emma Hansell's research. After 11pm is when they really start to hear it. The recognisable rumble can make for sleepless nights across Keilor and the suburbs near Melbourne Airport, when international planes use the north-south runway to launch and land.


Plane Crash Risk (VFSN)

We demand safety first – not only in the air but also on the ground

Before every take-off passengers are informed what to do in emergency scenarios. This clearly shows that flying does carry risks and aircraft do crash.

Aircraft Noise Pollution (VFSN)

Aircraft Noise Pollution - hijacks our kids' education

In the year 2000, south-bound take-offs from Zürich airport (Südstarts) were allowed for a short construction period. Zürich airport paid for all affected schools to have a week's school camp.

Chronic Stress (VFSN)

Up to 18 hours of continual aircraft noise – in a zone which, per the current, valid cantonal planning law, no flight paths are allowed! South landings from 6am, followed directly by Southstarts straight during all four peak periods, then again in the evening and night yet more South landings. And all because Runway 28 has not been extended!

Disenfranchised (VFSN)

Losing your voice – how the law can be ignored

Southstarts straight are in direct contravention of a multiple of current laws such as the airport and environment laws. Even South landings break these laws. The Bundesgericht (supreme court) describes the South landings as inadmissible, yet necessary to maintain the airport’s function during the no-fly period proscribed by Germany.