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Up to 18 hours of continual aircraft noise – in a zone which, per the current, valid cantonal planning law, no flight paths are allowed! South landings from 6am, followed directly by Southstarts straight during all four peak periods, then again in the evening and night yet more South landings. And all because Runway 28 has not been extended!

Aircraft noise is proven to be a risk factor for heart and circulation illness. Stress caused by Aircraft noise also increases psychological disorders.

In all areas which, according to the Planning Law will have aircraft noise, are supposed to be provided with extensive noise-protection measures by Zurich Airport (Flughafen Zurich AG). Particularly in the East (which is the traditional flight path of the airport since it began).

Despite a decision by the Bundesgericht in their favour, residents of the South still have not been given a plan for effective noise-protection. Relief from the unhealthy situation is not in sight.

Southstarts straight will be a further increase in health risks for all residents under the flight path . All in aid of two private companies maximising their profits.

Southstart straight – NO WAY!

Southstart straight are not necessary. Not for capacity reasons and least of all for safety reasons. The negative effects of the Southstart straight will cause economic damage in the millions.

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Zurich Airport? Yes - within reason and not at any cost