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We demand safety first – not only in the air but also on the ground

Before every take-off passengers are informed what to do in emergency scenarios. This clearly shows that flying does carry risks and aircraft do crash.

We demand safety first – not only in the air but also on the ground

According to risk studies (Blenz, Kummer & Partner) 60% of accidents happen during landing, 30% during take-off and only 10% during the flight. The study also shows that the lower the aircraft, the higher the chances of a crash.

Southstarts straight (in German Südstarts straight) will maximise the airport’s capacity – at the cost of our quality of life, the health and the safety of people on the ground.

Southstarts straight are being promoted simply to satisfy LufthansaÕs thirst for profits Ð the flight path is directly over densely populated areas and is a threat to their safety.

Southstarts straight are the most risky of all possible take-off paths! In the event of a crash during the first few kilometres a catastrophe is inevitable as more people live under this flight path than any other alternative. The South is the most densely populated area around the airport.

Southstart sstraight Ð NO WAY!

Protection for the residents on the ground must have priority. Southstarts straight are simply reckless.

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Zurich Airport? Yes - within reason and not at any cost