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Losing your voice – how the law can be ignored

Southstarts straight are in direct contravention of a multiple of current laws such as the airport and environment laws. Even South landings break these laws. The Bundesgericht (supreme court) describes the South landings as inadmissible, yet necessary to maintain the airport’s function during the no-fly period proscribed by Germany.

Southstarts straight – are neither essential, nor proscribed.

Thus, the only route to get Southstarts straight approved is by legalising them in the structural planning procedures (in German: Sachplan Infrastruktur Luftfahrt (SIL)). The SIL is prepared on behalf of the government by the Department for Civil Aviation (In German: Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (BAZL)), in conjunction with Zurich Airport.

SIL is not bound by any parliamentary oversight and there is no legal recourse against their decisions.

SSouthstarts straight are being promoted by Lufthansa and Zurich Airport purely for profit - do they not have to live by the same laws that we do?

Southstarts straight ignore constitutional property rights and destroy the living space of thousands of people and all without giving them the chance to legally defend it.

Southstart straight – NO WAY!

Southstart straight are not necessary. They should not be allowed to ignore current laws and “legalised” via the back door of the SIL (structural planning).

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