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Aircraft Noise Pollution (VFSN)
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Aircraft Noise Pollution - hijacks our kids' education

In the year 2000, south-bound take-offs from Zürich airport (Südstarts) were allowed for a short construction period. Zürich airport paid for all affected schools to have a week's school camp.

Then the airport's management understood that noise generated by jets taking off critically reduces childrens' concentration and retention levels. Now, what was previously deemed unacceptable even for a few weeks, is to be introduced on a permanent, daily basis.

Southstarts straight will soon be possible every morning, all through every day and right up to every evening. Remember, they are 2-3 times louder than the current southern morning landings.

Southstarts straight will affect your children and yourself - the immense noise causes irreparable health damage.

Southstarts straight - No way!

The health and education of your children should have first priority. They should not be sacrificed to the profits of Flughafen Zurich and Lufthansa.

Sign the petition against the Südstarts:

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Become a member of VSFN and support our battle to block Südstarts straight. Don't let Südstarts straight happen:

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Zurich Airport? Yes - within reason and not at any cost.